some buenos aires speakeasy

There I was – sitting in some speakeasy in Buenos Aires nursing a Jameson with American students we had just met. We were reminiscing about our “normal” lives in the United States and about our different experiences making our way abroad. It was a fitting end to a whirlwind 24 hours in Buenos Aires that had taken us all over the city – a city that I’ve heard so well articulated as the New York City of South America. 

The city beats at its own pace. It’s youth and intensity is incredibly palpable on every street corner. We had the chance to visit most of the famous sight-seeing stops in the city, including Casa Rosada, the presidential palace. 

And just down the block was the National Cathedral, where Pope Francis once served as the archbishop of Buenos Aires. Simply existing in the cathedral was an experience I won’t soon forget. I think I’ll always remember the golden, swooping archways guarding small enclaves holding intricately sculpted statues. I’ll always remember the echoes of the priest’s hymns floating down from the rooftops and sweeping across the seemingly infinite number of pews. It was truly a beautiful testament to faith, and I am so glad I was able to experience Argentina’s most beloved house of worship. 

Getting my passport stamped a second time made me think about how much I love this – seeing new places, breaking ground on new adventures, and meeting new people along the way. I met a great guy on our flight from Buenos Aires that had been to over 60 countries, and was slated to rack up a couple more before his trip back to Europe. I’ll always value meeting him because he taught me an important lesson in that the more we see and the more people we meet along the way, the better people we can be. I really hope to have more opportunities to get more passport stamps, because there is a story and a lesson to be learned through every single one. 

Although meeting new folks on my travels has been a wonderful experience, it’s been nice to still stay rooted in my community and stay connected with people I know here. One of the best nights I’ve had here is when I was able to have Karlyn over for beers, the local natives, and sharing memories from our hometown of Las Cruces. She’s a great friend, and she reminded me that it’s those close relationships we have that are so important for our hearts. 

Things are moving so quickly here, that it’s taken an extra effort to be able to mentally process all that I am learning, doing, and feeling. However, I will be excited to share a couple of my projects soon. At work, I have been working hard on a new social media campaign that seeks to tell the stories of the “faces” of the Chilean/USA relationship. I’ve gotten to meet some amazing people through the project, people that I think truly represent the best of Chile. Stay tuned for more.

I’m also working on an op-ed for I’ve grown weary of the direction of the political debates in our state and in our country, and I hope to share my thoughts about how compromise can lead our way to better tomorrows. Stay tuned for that as well. 

In the meantime, I’m in search of that next adventure, that next speakeasy, and that next story to hear. Much love. 


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