here we go

9:45AM | El Paso International Airport

Well, here we go. What started out as just a blip on my radar last fall is now approaching faster than I could have ever imagined. I am currently sitting in the El Paso airport waiting for my flight to Dallas. From there, it’s an 8 hour layover until my overnight flight to Santiago, Chile.

What do I expect from this experience? Well, it’s not clear to me yet. I know I want to get immersed in the language and understand better how the US government communicates globally. But more than that, this is my first time out of the country so it’s difficult for me to articulate exactly what I want to accomplish and experience.

This is why my blog exists. So I can mentally process all that I am experiencing. We’re taking off now, so signing off for now.

UPDATE 6:12PM: Landed in Dallas, and an old friend David Maestas rescued me from the hellhole that is DFW. I am so proud of David – he recently got accepted into a TFA (teach for america) program in Dallas, and will be working in the trenches in an underserved community. We had BBQ and Beer at Lockhart’s Smokehouse in a hipster and trendy neighborhood in Dallas. Dallas has a booming economy and a diverse population, and it was really interesting to see all the commerce that happens in the metro area. I have dreams for New Mexico that we can someday have an economy like this.

Two more hours until the flight to Chile boards. Let the House of Cards binging commence…

Here we go.


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